6th Annual NFL Mock Draft presented by Bumtheory.com

NFL Mock Draft

1. Houston Texans- Jadevon Clowney DE/ South Carolina
The most talented player in the draft. However major question marks on how much he loves the game? In a draft this deep it’s hard to use the 1st pick on someone like that. If he works out an absolute hall of famer if not people will be questioning this pick for years to come.

2. St. Louis Rams- Kahil Mack DE/ Buffalo
While Clowney has superior talent, it’s not by much. Mack is the safer of the two as Mack is a great leader and also a tremendous athlete. By adding him here the Rams bolster what is looking to become a great defense.

3. Jacksonville Jaguars- Sammy Watkins WR/ Clemson
Make no mistakes about it Sammy Watkins is the best player in this draft. While people rave about Clowney’s talent Watkins isn’t far behind and this kid has no question marks. Watkins brings it every game and every play. An explosive athlete with great hands he can score from anywhere on the field. Think a bigger and maybe even fast Percy Harvin.

4. Cleveland Browns- Johnny Manizel QB/ Texas A&M
All of a sudden the Cleveland Browns have got a lot more exciting with this pick. Johnny “Football” will bring excitement on and off the field. While people view him as the ultimate boom or bust prospect, I believe the kid will deliver. By no means is he conventional, but he simply has the “it factor”. This pick will turn around this franchise.

5. Oakland Raiders- Greg Robinson LT/ Auburn
In this scenario the Raiders will get to pick whoever is the top offensive lineman on their board. Robison had steadily climbed the draft boards ever since the national championship game. In any other draft he very likely would have been he number 1 overall pick and he looks to be a cornerstone left tackle.

6. Atlanta Falcons- Jake Matthews LT/ Texas A&M
Just a year ago it seemed like the Falcons would be playing for a Super Bowl, then last season happened. They simply need to get tougher up front and Matthews will help with that. The Falcons have been linked to trading up, but if they stay here and land Matthews they will be very happy. Matthews is another cornerstone left tackle that should be immediate plug and play.

7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Mike Evans WR/ Texas A&M
Mike Evans embodies what is the new type of NFL WR. If this was the mid 90s Evans would have been a mid round pick that might have never saw the field. Scouts would have criticized his poor route running and said at this level he couldn’t get open. Fast forward to now and this is what the scouts are now looking for. A big target with great leaping ability and speed, Evans knows how go go up and just get the ball . With more spread offenses Evans will be put in space with one on one match ups and simply win them. Evans can be the WR version of Jimmy Graham.

8. Minnesota Vikings- Aaron Donald DT/ Pittsburgh
Donald has been a steady riser all offseason and has exploded up the boards recently. He is a DT that loves to get up the field and cause chaos in the backfield. While I am intrigued by Donald as a prospect I think Donald needs to get stronger to be able to deal with the big NFL offensive lines. With a draft this deep I think picking Donald here is not a great value pick.

9. Buffalo Bills- Odell Beckham Jr WR/ LSU
Beckham has gotten far less publicity than both Evans and Watkins but, make no mistake Beckham is an elite WR prospect. Great speed and elite route running ability and great production against the best competition in the SEC. Beckham will add instant production to an improving Bills offense. This would be a great pick by the Bills.

10. Detroit Lions- Justin Gilbert CB/Oklahoma St
I know all the talk is how the Lions want to trade up for Watkins, but in this scenario they stay put and draft a major need. The Lions secondary has been awful and Gilbert will bring much needed athleticism. However, I think taking Gilbert will be the wrong CB to take. While Gilbert has great measureables I question his cover skills and ability to come up and make tackles. Dennard would be the corner to take here.

11. Tennessee Titans- Anthony Barr LB/UCLA
This is where the draft to truly gets interesting. I believe many of these prospects would usually be top 10 locks in any other draft. This is where we might see many trade ups and trade downs. Barr who once was considered a lock to be in the top 5 slides here to the 11th pick. The titans are moving to a 3-4 defense and Barr will be a great player to build around.

12. New York Giants- Zack Martin LT/Notre Dame
The Giants must rebuild their offensive line. If Martin is available here the Giants will jump all over him. Martin has been a late riser on the draft process but is a rock solid prospect with not many holes to his game. This would be a good pick to start to rebuild what became one of the worst offensive lines in the game last year.

13. St. Louis Rams- Blake Bortles QB/ Central Florida
I’m not sure if this will be the Rams picking Bortles here or someone trading up for him, but I believe this is where we see Bortles come off the board. All the QBs have been in a race to see who goes in the 1st round, I think enough teams like Bortles that he will land in the upper half. As a prospect I am not sold on Bortles, he does show some above average skills, however I prefer Bridgewater as a total package over Bortles.

14. Chicago Bears- Darqueze Dennard CB/Michigan St
The Bears must sure up their defense to be a contender next season. With Cutler back and leading the offense the Bears should put up plenty of points, however the problem was defense last year. Dennard is my favorite corner in the draft this year as he can man up on just about anybody. Dennard is also a great tackler and should make an instant impact in this league.

15. Pittsburgh Steelers- Ryan Shaizer LB/ Ohio St
Shaizer is a true 3 down linebacker that can fly around the field. He is a tackling machine that can be a starter from day one. He is fast and should play well in coverage. Shaizer is one of the most NFL ready defenders in this class, however he might be at his potential soon. In a normal draft might be a top 10 player, but this is a great value spot for him.

16. Dallas Cowboys- CJ Mosley LB/Alabama
Mosely comes from an Alabama defense that just simply produces NFL players every year. Mosley was a leader on defense the past 2 seasons helping lead them to a national championship in 2013. Mosley is a hard working player that can play all 3 downs. This kid will not be out worked and will develop into a leader. This would be a great pick for the Cowboys who are looking for leaders on defense.

17. Baltimore Ravens- Eric Ebron TE/ North Carolina
Eric Ebron is what all teams are looking for at the TE position. A big time target with great speed and great hands. Ebron is an average blocker that should improve. Needs to go to a team with great leadership. Has tremendous ability, with only major downfall being some character concerns.

18. New York Jets- Kyle Fuller CB/Virginia Tech
Rex Ryan has been looking for a corner all offseason and he finally lands one here in the 1st round. Fuller is more of a zone corner than man but has sneaky fast speed. A good enough tackler with great instincts this should be a solid pick for the Jets. While Dennard is a better prospect I believe Fuller is better than the higher ranked Gilbert.

19. Miami Dolphins- Taylor Lewan LT/Michigan
This is the Dolphina dream scenario. In this case they don’t have to trade up and yet still land a top 4 tackle. The Dolphins must rebuild there offensive line after the Martin-Incognito mess from last season. Lewan is an athletic tackle that should be very good in pass protection. Also will thrive in a speed offense. Lewan weakness is sometimes lacks nastiness and might struggle if the Dolphins ask him to be a pure power player.

20. Arizona Cardinals- Derek Carr QB/ Fresno St
In a shocker the Cardinals pass on Teddy Bridgewater to select Carr. Carr is who the younger brother of former #1 overall pick David Carr has a great arm and has put up some great production. They say he fits the Cardinals scheme well, but I just don’t get why Bridgewater had slide behind Bortles and now Carr. I think Carr can be an NFL starter, but Bridgewater will be a star.

21. Green Bay Packers- Calvin Pryor S/ Louisville
The Packers take the first Safety off the board late in the 1st round. Pryor is a big physical player that loves to come up and make contact. He will add instant intensity to any defense he is on and brings a love of the game on the field. He is not the most discipline defender is pass coverage and can give up big yards on cutback. Pryor however can bring an edge to an improving Packers defense.

22. Philadelphia Eagles- Bradin Cooks WR/ Oregon St
Chip Kelly goes back to the state of Oregon to add a receiver, however this one is a former Beaver not Duck. Cooks is a quick WR that has great burst and great ability to get open. Has a knack for finding open space and is a great leader on and off the field. Fits the Chip Kelly system well and should succeed right away. His weakness is his size as he might struggle vs good man press corners.

23. Kansas City Chiefs- Marquise Lee WR/ Southern Cal
Lee is a gifted WR that has the speed and route running ability to run any route. If the Chiefs select him here he will be a great #2 WR to Bowe and help open up the offense even more. Lee’s biggest downfall is his durability issues and question marks on ability to go over the middle of an NFL defense.

24. Cincinnati Bengals- HaHa Clinton-Dix S/ Alabama
Most likely a starter from day one, Clinton-Dix comes prepared into the NFL. Playing in an NFL type defense under Nick Saban Dix was a leader in the secondary. A cover safety that has the ability to come up and tackle. Only major worry with him is size, needs to add bulk or risks getting injured or simply being run over by bigger NFL WR/RBs.

25. San Diego Chargers- Jason Verrett CB/ TCU
The Chargers secondary last year was terrible at times. Other than Eric Weddle they were very limited talent wise back there. Verrett would be an immediate upgrade in the secondary. More of a slot/nickel corner, Verrett has top line speed that will be able to stay with most if not all slot receivers. Verrett comes up well to tackle however his small size might make him a poor tackler at the NFL level. Overall Verrett should be a good playmaker in the Chargers secondary.

26. Cleveland Browns- Jordan Matthews WR/ Vanderbilt
Matthews was as productive as they come at WR in college football. He was a stud WR in the best conference in the country for the last 2 seasons. Most project Matthews as a mid to late 2nd round pick, but I have the Browns taking him here and pair him up with Josh Gordon. Matthews has great hands and is a great route. Not the most explosive athlete and may never be a true #1 receiver, but will be productive.

27. New Orleans Saints- Cody Latimer WR/ Indiana
Latimer is my 7th (yes 7) WR off the board in the 1st round. This speaks to just how deep this position is this year. Latimer is a big physical WR that should be able to get plenty of yards after the catch. Also excels at blocking which should help the Saints as they look to improve on the ground. Not the greatest route runner, however has ability to go up and get the ball.

28. Carolina Panthers- Morgan Moses LT/ Virginia
Everyone here would be looking for the Panthers to draft a WR, however with 7 already off the board and still major holes on the line they go with Moses out of Virginia. Moses is a step below the elite LT prospects but still has a ton of size and ability to pass block well. Not a great run blocker, however with good coaching Moses should really start to blossom at the next level. High upside, but as the ability to be a bust as well.

29. New England Patriots- Dee Ford DE/ Auburn
One word sums up Dee Ford; hustle. When Ford is on the field he is non stop. Fast and explosive Ford knows how to get to the QB. Watching him play live you would think he is a top 5 pick. Gets off the ball great and with great coaching can truly be a special player. He is smaller and may never be elite vs the run but in todays NFL he can be a difference maker in the pass happy league. Ford is a great leader and someone the Patriots can add to an already elite defense.

30. San Francisco 49ers- Kony Ealy DE/ Missouri
Ealy projects as a DE in a 4-3 or OLB in a 3-4. He is an elite pass rusher and could help them fill the role of Aldon Smith if Smith is suspended by the NFL. Not great against the run , but it’s not due to effort or ability more due to his size. Needs to hit the weight room and bulk up. Ealy I think if coached right can turn into a pro bowl DE/OLB. A possible steal this late in the 1st round.

31. Denver Broncos- Louis Nix III NT/ Notre Dame
Nix is a mammoth DT that forces teams to double team him. After having a dominant 2013 season that helped lead Notre Dame to the national championship game, Nix was mostly injured last year. Nix when healthy is a great NT that helps free up linebackers. Only downfalls for Nix is durability issues and needs to improve power to take on double teams at the NFL level.

32. Seattle Seahawks- Allen Robinson WR/ Penn St
The Seahawks will be looking to add to there receiving corps after losing Golden Tate to Detriot. Robinson is a big target that can develop into a great red zone threat. Robinson was very productive in college and will develop into a solid #2 option at the NFL level. Incredibly in this mock Robinson is the 8th WR off the board and while the 8th WR is usually a fringe prospect Robinson I believe is still elite at his position.

Top 15 players in draft

1. Sammy Watkins
2. Johnny Manizel
3. Kahil Mack
4. Greg Robinson
5. Teddy Bridgewater
6. Darqueeze Dennard
7. Jadeveon Clowney
8. Mike Evans
9. Odell Beckham Jr
10. Jake Matthews
11. Eric Ebron
12. Anthony Barr
13. Dee Ford
14. Lamarcus Joyner
15. Bradin Cooks

Bum Theory Update

Dear fellow bums,  

Just wanted to check in and let everyone know what we have been up to…

Since accurately predicting the 2013 World Series Champs we at BumTheory have been actively working to publish our first book in hopes to further spread the Gospel of Bum to the baseball masses..

It’s been a quick turnaround since last season and for the past month or so we have been catching up on the MLB off-season.

We expect to be fully-operational again by mid-March and we are super excited to share some new insights that we have developed.

Thanks again for all of the support and we look forward to another wild ride this season.

Viva la Bum!

Coming Soon: Bum of the Year Awards

We will wrap up the 2013 season with the end of the season Bummies. As you have followed us all season these Bummies will be like the end of the month awards, however we will use the full season worth of stats and bum appeal. Good luck to all you Bums, as I know you all look forward to see who grabs, the Bum of the Year!

When we started rolling nobody ever stopped the train
David “Big Papi” Ortiz

The Story has been written!

The Red Sox are the 2013 World Series champions. Let that sink in.

The story has be written…..the dream is now real.

"Like an island of misfit toys"

-Romeo Muller & Robert May

One. More. Win. Let’s go Boston!

The Clincher

The Red Sox have a chance tonight to clinch their first World Series at home since 1918. This was also the exact date that Bum Theory predicted the Red Sox to win it all.

It has the makings of a magical night…

A Defining Moment

Did that just happen? That was exactly what was on everyone’s mind last night at the end of the Red Sox-Cardinals game. In a thrilling game 3 did the game just end on an obstruction call? After Dustin Pedroia made tremendous play to save the game then Jarrod Saltalamacchia made a bone headed throw to 3rd, did the game just end on an obstruction call? If Allen Craig scores after the bad throw by Salty then everyone would have just gone on and blamed him (their is still blame that must go his way). However, it did not happen that way. After the bad throw in which Will Middlebrooks tried to block, Allen Craig tries to get up however instead of heading right home Craig looks for the ball taking a jab step towards second base and land on Middlebrooks. Craig, who is unaware that an obstruction call is being made, heads home and in thrown out at the plate. 

So we have had a few hours now to dissect it all. The umps have been cheered on for making a great call and not even having to use replay. However, how can one man (who by picture never even saw the play develop) decide a game. Yes, they had all the answers after the game of the exact rule. How if this happen or this happened. Did Joyce really think of all of that in less than a second? Joyce made a call so quick that non of that could have been thought of, he made a clear guess that he would be right. Joyce decided a game with out clearly knowing if Middlebrooks was inside the baseline and if Craig made a full attempt to go home after falling on Middlebrooks. 

Instead of applauding the umps like everyone has been, you would think one person would man up and ask the tough question. Someone needs to call out this umpiring crew for deciding a World Series game. Someone needs to rip Jim Joyce for making a call so quick with out clearly watching the play or properly thinking about the call. 

With all of that said, it’s now time for the Red Sox to takeover this series. Grab the bull by the horns, and show the world once and for all how resilient this team is. It’s is now time for the bums to show, once and for all it time for the Red Sox to win the next 3 games and send a message. Like Dustin Pedroia said post game “this game will not define this team.” Even though it now define this umpiring crew for the rest of their careers.

Bum Theory Rich

So isn’t Jim Joyce (the man who decided the game) actually be watching the play. Oh yeah you get paid to do this!!! Spread this pic and remember this…the Bums will overcome this like they have all season.

So isn’t Jim Joyce (the man who decided the game) actually be watching the play. Oh yeah you get paid to do this!!! Spread this pic and remember this…the Bums will overcome this like they have all season.

10 Bold Bum Predictions of 2013: Revisited


On April 8, 2013 the Bum Theory team published our 10 predictions for the 2013 MLB season.  On the eve of the World Series we decided it would be a good time to revisit some of our predictions; here we go:

1. Dodgers and Giants get all the headline…Diamondbacks win the N.L. West.

Ok, so we may have been a little ambitious about the D-Backs this season.  They stuck around for the better part of the season but they just didn’t have the guns to withstand the Dodgers incredible 50+ game run.  On the other hand, the 2012 World Series Champion Giants stunk all season and even though the Dodgers won some games neither of these teams will be hoisting a Championship banner at the beginning of next season.

2. Rangers lose Hamilton to Angels…Angels lose A.L. West to the Rangers.

We were about 75% correct on this prediction.  The Rangers didn’t end up winning the west but they came pretty darn close (91 wins) and still managed to make the playoffs.  The same can’t be said for the Angels who decided it was more important to win in the off-season rather than the regular season. (78 wins) Now, not only do the Angels have a sub .500 team but they also have Josh Hamilton for the for the next 6 seasons.

3. In 2013: Jeremy Guthrie will become the R.A. Dickey of 2012, while R.A. Dickey becomes the Jeremy Guthrie of 2012.

Who didn’t see this one coming?  Coming back home to the American League Dickey didn’t meet expectations, pitching 200+ innings of below-average ball. (4.58 FIP/2.0 WAR)   R.A. Dickey was just another “flashy” off-season pick-up for the Blue Jays and just like so many of their other additions he was a flat-out failure for the Jays this off-season.  Besides us, everyone and their mother picked the Blue Jays to win the A.L. East and everyone was wrong…including Vegas.  The forgotten man, Jeremy Guthrie on the other hand wasn’t “special” this season but still managed a superior 4.04 ERA in 200+ innings for the Royals.  

4. None of the 3 off-season winners, The Dodgers, Angels, and Blue Jays will make the playoffs.

2/3.  We were wrong about the Dodgers.  However, in reality the Dodgers accomplished just as much as the Tigers did, nothing.  No one is happy unless you win the World Series.  On the other hand, we also correctly predicted that two out of the three clear World Series favorites did not even make the playoffs.

5. After dumping most of their 2012 roster, the Marlins this season will win more games than they did last season.

We were wrong, the Marlins won 7 less games in 2013 (62) than they did in 2012 (69) after “losing” the likes of Josh Johnson, Jose Reyes, Emilio Bonafacio, Mark Buehrle and Anibal Sanchez.  7 less games than they did in 2012, who unlike the 2013 Marlins were predicted to be an N.L. playoff team.  While the 2013 Marlins weren’t a success, neither were the much more-heralded 2012 club, and the 2014 Marlins led by Jose Fernandez are in a much better position because they were able to clean house.

6. After being pronounced dead by the sports media heading into the ‘13 season, the Red Sox and Yanks finish 1, 2 in the A.L. East.

We’re pretty proud of this one as most predictions had the Sox and Yanks finishing 4th and 5th.  And for the cherry on top; the team that most people picked to win the division, the Blue Jays, finished last.  

7. Like Allen Craig of 2012, the Rangers center fielders, consisting of Leonys Martin, Craig Gentry, and others will match the production of the $133 Million Dollar man Josh Hamilton.


(Sorry for the size of the image)

Martin and Gentry combined for roughly 150 more plate appearances than Hamilton but this debate is close enough to call.  According to fangraphs Gentry (3.4 WAR) and Martin (2.7 WAR) individually (and collectively) were more valuable than Josh Hamilton. (1.9 WAR)

8. The much talked about Mike Trout, and Bryce Harper will have more M.V.P. votes, but less post-season wins than their less-heralded class-mate Will Middlebrooks.

Post-season wins:

Mike Trout & Bryce Harper: 0

Will Middlebrooks: 7

9. Alex Cobb, making 50 times (50x) less money than Zack Greinke will have a lower ERA and more WINS.

We were definitely wrong on this one but it ended up being pretty close.  Zack Greinke finished the season with a superior 2.63 ERA and 14 wins while Alex Cobb, who pitched in 30 less innings finished with a 2.76 ERA and 11 wins.  

10. On October 30th, 2013, the Boston Red Sox defeat the Arizona Diamondbacks in the World Series.  Shane Victorino will take home World Series M.V.P. honors.

TBD but our prediction means Red Sox in 6.

Enjoy the series!

Max Verlander v. John Buchholz

If you were to ask the general baseball public, who has the best 1-2 in terms of starting pitching?, its safe to assume most people would say the Detroit Tigers.  

With blossoming star Max Scherzer and veteran ace Justin Verlander slated to toe the rubber in game 6 and a possible game 7 of the ALCS, how do the Red Sox even have a chance?

His name is John Buchholz.

We thought it would be interesting to combine the statistics of John Lackey and Clay Buchholz (John Buchholz) and compare them to the combined statistics of Justin Verlander and Max Scherzer, or Max Verlander.

2013 Pitching Stats: (fangraphs)

Max Verlander:

IP: 432 Avg.: .224 WHIP: 1.14 ERA: 3.18 xFIP: 3.42

John Buchholz:

IP: 297.2 Avg.: .222 WHIP: 1.09 ERA: 2.63 xFIP: 3.45

I chose to leave out value statistics, such as W.A.R. simply because they put a large importance on innings pitched and in that fight, John Buchholz wouldn’t have a chance.  The only real edge that Max Verlander has in this bout is innings pitched, but we don’t really care about how much value either pitcher brought to their team during the season, we only care about the next two games.  If anything I would argue that I would rather have the “fresher” pitcher (John Buchholz) because we are in a do-or-die situation and we are no longer concerned with conserving our pitchers. (bullpen and starters)

Serious sport is war minus the shooting

George Orwell

Baseball is war people.  Every series, every game, every innings, every pitch; they fight.  After fighting for the past 5 1/2 months, the Red Sox have earned themselves a “win and get in” game 6.

The War of the American League (2013) may be decided tonight!

I rubbed my bat on Jonny’s (Gomes) beard before that at-bat.
Mike Napoli on his approach to his 7th inning at-bat.

The Bummies: September/October Edition

A.L. Bum of the Month:

Josh Donaldson, 3B, Oakland Athletics.

AB: 89 HR: 5 RBI: 16 AVG.: .337 OPS: 1.049 W.A.R.: 1.9

N.L. Bum of the Month:

Matt Carpenter, 2B, St. Louis Cardinals.

AB: 109 HR: 1 R: 26 RBI: 15 AVG.: .349 OPS: .964 W.A.R.: 1.5

A.L. Cy Bum:

Ubaldo Jimenez, SP, Cleveland Indians.

IP: 41.1 K: 51 ERA: 1.09 WHIP: 1.02 HR: 0 W.A.R.: 2.2

N.L. Bum of the Month:

Marco Estrada, SP, Milwaukee Brewers.

IP: 27.2 K: 27 ERA: 1.63 WHIP: .611 HR: 1 W.A.R.: 1.0

Bum Rookie:

A.J. Pollock, OF, Arizona Diamondbacks.

AB: 71 HR: 1 R: 10 SB: 3 AVG.: .352 OBP: .432 OPS: .897 W.A.R.: .9

Bum Moment:

For the first time since 1992, The Pittsburgh Pirates, led by bums Francisco Liriano, A.J. Burnett, Marlon Byrd, Mark Melancon, and Pedro Alvarez made it into the MLB post-season.

October 13, 2013: Always Believe

We watch sports for many reasons. We watch it to past time. We watch it as a family event. We watch it for fantasy sports or when betting on sports. We watch it as passionate fans that want “our” team to win the big game. Sometimes in society sports are looked at as being “blown out of proportion”, that we take them to seriously, that we should not devote this much time to a “game” when there are bigger problems in this world. While that is undoubtedly true, sometimes the media makes a bigger deal out of a Sunday afternoon game in Dallas then normal day hunger problem, do not blame the sport. In a world today that has so many bad things in sports can be so good. It is an escape for some people, it gives people something to rally around, and it does so many other things for people. One of those things, and maybe the greatest of them all it gives people hope. 

Hope is something we are all trying to have nowadays. It a world with less jobs, more debt, government shutdowns, wars, terrorism, and so many things to name we need hope more now than ever.  Somewhere along the lines many people have lost hope and have given up. On October 13, 2013 Boston sports have brought back the hope. 

First off I am not saying by winning two games yesterday that they solved any major problems in this world. They did not cure cancer, stop hunger or stop any major wars. However, they did bring back hope. They showed against all odds that if we truly work together as a team anything is truly possible. First the New England Patriots led by there future Hall of Fame quarterback found a way to make a dramatic comeback after sustaining multiple injuries to key players throughout the game. Even after being counted out, not just once, but twice in the final 3 minutes of the game they found a way to drive the field versus  a good defense with a list of nobody receivers for the game winning touchdown. So many people have written this team off as simply not good enough, but as they have shown all season and especially yesterday it is not the individuals its the team. This team is made of talented, motivated, and players are truly never give up that my friends is a very dangerous combination. 

So as the cheers in Foxboro could be heard all the way back in Boston the Sox started game 2 of their ALCS series versus the Tigers. Through 7 innings it looked very similar to their game 1 loss. As they had set a record with 31 strikeouts in back to back games. This time however, they did not trail 1-0 they trailed 5-0 and it looked like a quick 2-0 deficit in the series. If you counted this team out though you clearly did not watch them this season. This team has proven over and over again that they are the king of the comebacks. This is a team that has taken the motto “Boston Strong” and made it theirs. So as everyone counted the Sox out last night (just as they had with the Patriots earlier in the day) the Sox found a way to get back into it. It started out with just one run as they cut the lead to 5-1. As they trailed 5-1 in the 8th inning and had the bases loaded for Red Sox clutch legend David Ortiz, all of Fenway rose to it feet. As they had seen earlier in the day the Patriots comeback they started to believe that the Sox could do it to. The Patriots had given the fans hope that, “Yes, we can do this.” With one swing of the bat David Ortiz did just that, we hit a game tying grand slam that sent Fenway into pandaemonium. One inning later Jonny Gomes lead off with an infield single and after a throwing error took 2nd base. A wild pitch later Gomes was at 3rd and waiting for Salty to drive him in and celebrate. Salty did just that and the celebration was on.

People could not believe in the matter of 8 hours they had seen two of the most improbable comebacks ever. The odds that both comebacks would occur was just .6%. Two teams with great heart and truly a never give up mentality. Two teams that brought back the word hope. Two teams that showed why sports are so great. 

In life and sports we lose a lot, it seems we lose sometimes more than we win. However when we are down we want one thing, we want hope.

Thank you Boston sports yesterday for bringing us a little hope! It was truly unbelievable!